Changing the FX6’s base look in Custom Mode using LUT’s

This is extremely cool! You can change the FX6’s base look in custom mode using LUTs. This is not the same as baking in a LUT in Cine EI as in custom mode you can change the gain or ISO just as you would with any other gamma. But there’s more than that – you can even adjust the look of the LUT by changing the detail settings, black level, matrix and multi-matrix. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

The LUT’s used in the video can be downloaded from here.

Or from here:

460x150_xdcam_150dpi Changing the FX6's base look in Custom Mode using LUT's

8 thoughts on “Changing the FX6’s base look in Custom Mode using LUT’s”

  1. This is indeed a great feature. Was always plagued by the 3 preset whitebalances on the Fs7 in cine EI when baking in a LUT. That change alone is a huge leap forward, let alone the rest of the adjustments available in CUSTOM. Thanks for your hard work in getting this info out, much appreciated. Took delivery of the FX6 today and eagerly waiting as the battery charges 🙂

  2. This is fantastic. I’ve been really struggling with setting up my FX6; having come from alpha cameras and with little experience in cineEI. Been doing my head in frankly 🙂 This now makes perfect sense, and the way you’ve explained it is great. Much appreciated. You’ve made my FX6 transition much easier!

  3. I did some testing and compared S-Cinetone vs a LUT (Phantom Arri) in Custom mode and found that using the LUT introduces some banding around highlights against dark backgrounds. This doesn’t happen using S-Cinetone. Is this to be expected? Noise suppression was set to Low. I’d love to have the characteristics of the LUT baked in, but can’t risk banding that is difficult to see on the lcd screen…

    1. the 33x LUT’s that the Sony cameras take break the image in 33 discrete correction ranges and sadly this can often result in banding as you step between each range. This is one of the issues with LUT’s in general and why baking them in isn’t always a good idea or going to deliver the same quality as a proper gamma curve like S-Cinetone.

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