Chrosziel FX6 kit and Chrosziel Quick lock Plate

25-11-20201606323662401-fx6-kit_light-weight-support_topplate-fx6_02-600x400 Chrosziel FX6 kit and Chrosziel Quick lock Plate
Chrosziel FX6 Kit. Top plate, base plate and arm for the FX6


In the video below I take a look at the Chrosziel FX6 kit as well as the Chrosziel Quick Lock plate. The FX6 Kit includes a very nice lightweight top cheese plate that doesn’t get in the way of the existing handle.

There is a lightweight base plate with a highly adjustable soft and comfortable shoulder pad specifically designed for the FX6 that is compatible with Sony VCT type quick release plates (but can also be used with other base plates)  as well as an extension arm and extension cable for the hand grip. 

This versatile kit will be great for anyone wishing to shoulder mount the FX6 as well as those that like to use a VCT quick release plate on a tripod etc. 

401-150-04-e1610475844598-600x183 Chrosziel FX6 kit and Chrosziel Quick lock Plate
Chrosziel Quick Lock Plate and superior alternative to a VCT type QR plate.


As an alternative to the usual slightly wobbly Sony VCT quick release plate I also take a look at the Chrosziel Quick Lock Plate. This is designed to replace the Sony style tripod plates and is a significant upgrade. It is vey light but far, far more rigid than a normal VCT plate thanks to a completely redesigned locking system. The Quick Lock Plate is fully compatible with all shoulder mounts and base plates that you would normally use with a VCT plate, not just Chrosziel. While expensive it is a piece of kit that will last for years and years and if you use long lenses or simply want an exceptionally stable mounting system worth every penny.


4 thoughts on “Chrosziel FX6 kit and Chrosziel Quick lock Plate”

  1. Got their VCT plate many years ago.. the older model than this , still working perfectly .. so much better than the sprung loaded ones .. its like so much camera gear .. spend more and it will last for many years .. I probably would have had to buy 4 or 5 of the cheap ones by now..

    1. It’s not cheap, about 4 times the price of a basic VCT-14 plate. But the difference in stability is night and day. If you use long lenses it makes a tremendous difference.

  2. Hey AC,

    For those of us looking for a cheaper solution to the beautiful Chrosziel products, I’ve found the following work around if you’ve got a shoulder rig setup in your kit already, and are looking to simply adapt the fx6 to your current setup, which in my case is a Wooden V2 shoulder rig.

    x1 smallrig fs5 handle adapter 2192 (which comes with a LANC cable extension, however it won’t work with the FX6, see later note)

    x1 smallrig 1870 extension arm (the sony grip alone on the standard wooden arm I have isn’t long enough, so an extension was needed).

    x1 Chrosziel ARRI-Style/Hirth Rosette (if you’d like to go straight into the body)

    In theory this could work very well and save people hundreds of dollars, however I’ve run into one peculiar issue – the LANC cable! As you know the FX6 uses a 3.5mm LANC cable, like the FX9. I was unaware that the FX6 used a 3.5mm LANC and foolishly didn’t take this into consideration. I was thinking of buying a simple 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter and then running the extension cable to the rear of the camera – which has a 2.5mm LANC input.

    I thought I’d ask you if I’m missing anything here, is there a 3.5mm LANC cable extension in existence? I couldn’t find one.

    I just bought you a coffee from another question on the FX6 CineEI thread, and I’m happy to buy you a beer for this question if you can help out! Much appreciated.

  3. How does the Chrosziel quick lock plate work in conjunction with the Vocas FX9 Run & Gun vct base plate?
    As there is no rear pin on the Vocas plate, it can only be held in place by the vct plate. Is it still sturdy and rigid even without the rear pin helping to clamp it down like with an ENG camera?
    Also, as the FX9 is back heavy with a larger v lock battery, it also looks like the rubber shoulder pad on the Vocas kit will permanently be touching the floor when the camera is put down. Won’t this lead to premature wear and tear to the pad?

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