New addition to Sony’s Cinema Line On The Way

In some regards this is now already old news. I’m under NDA so there are limits as to what I can, or what I should write. Hopefully I won’t get into too much trouble if I point out that there are already a lot of rumours circulating right now that a new camera called the FX3 might be about to be launched. The official line is that there is going to be an announcement on the 23rd of February, just a week from now.  So why not just chill out for a one week as then you will be able to get the full facts about whatever it is that’s going to be added to the Cinema Line. 

4 thoughts on “New addition to Sony’s Cinema Line On The Way”

  1. It seems to me that Sony is playing bizzare games with 30p HEVC!

    The S-III was first to have 30p missing in HEVC. Yes, it had 24p and 60p but mysteriously skipped over 30p. I originally thought it was a programmer mistake that nobody at Sony noticed in quality control. However, the A1 is also missing 30p in HEVC and now?…the FX3 is ALSO missing 30p HEVC??? Why is Sony playing games with this frame rate? They give it in H.264 but jump over it in HEVC. What the heck is going on? What technical reasoning could possibly be behind this?

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