PXW-Z280 and Z190 Firmware Version 4 Adds RTMP Streaming.

Sony have today released version 4 firmware for the Z280 and Z190. This is a nice update for these cameras as it adds the ability to stream directly to platforms such as YouTube or Facebook using the RTMP or RTMPS protocol. There is no longer any need to go via an intermediate convertor such as OBS.

In addition the looks used in th HDR modes are adjusted to bring them into line with the latest cameras with HLG Natural and HDR Live.

You can download the firmware for the Z280 from here: https://pro.sony/en_FI/support-resources/pxw-z280/software/00257137

And you can download the Z190 firmware from here:

3 thoughts on “PXW-Z280 and Z190 Firmware Version 4 Adds RTMP Streaming.”

    1. Quick question for you guys using the Z280. I’ve been an Ex1 user since 2009x then I moved into the EX1r, then the X200. All amazing cameras. I got the Z280 about a month ago and have noticed the power zoom to be really twitchy compared to the older cameras to the point that I’ve been blowing shots because the zoom speed ramps up too quickly.

      Does anyone here have a similar problem and/or is there a reasonable solution to it? I’m running v3.2 abscess curious to know if the new firmware addressed this issue.


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