Firmware Update For The FX6 (V1.01). Fixes CineEI Playback ISO levels

FX6-Firmware-500x500 Firmware Update For The FX6 (V1.01). Fixes CineEI Playback ISO levelsSony have released a minor but important firmware update for the ILME-FX6 camcorder. This update fixes the back-to-front EI values that are used during clip playback in the CineEI  mode.

There are a couple of different ways to do the update. The update can be applied to the camera either by placing an update file on an SDXC card or CFExpress Type A card and updating via the camera. Or by downloading updater software for a Mac or PC and connecting the camera to the computer via USB and using the computer to update the camera. If you are a Mac user I have found this method to sometimes be challenging to make work, but easy with a Windows PC.

My preference is to download the SD/CFExpress update file and to put the update file on an SD card and update via the camera as this method has always proven to be easy and reliable for me in the past.

The firmware can be downloaded from here:

13 thoughts on “Firmware Update For The FX6 (V1.01). Fixes CineEI Playback ISO levels”

  1. Thanks Alister,
    Have you had any problem updating thru the SD card? I have followed the usual instructions but the version up menu stays greyed out. The update is in the root directory.

    1. No problem for me. You have to put the card in slot B, the lower slot, for it to be recognised.

      1. Copy that, I formatted the card in slot b, then dropped the update into the root directory and it shows up as expected. Put it into slot B but ver up is saying the dreaded “Cannot proceed” ….The update itself has the mac hard drive icon next to it and is a DMG file . I’m beginning to think this update is not for the camera as I don’t see that icon on other sony software updates, like fs7, z280 etc . ..did you have to install a new camera driver for the fx6 ?

        1. That sounds like you have downloaded the Mac update application and not the SD card update file.

          1. Yep, that’s what it appears to be, this is what the download offers for Mac users on the website , Update_ILMEFX6V101.dmg , this is no doubt a mac update, there is a windows download and a update guide for the sd/cf cards. Thanks for the feedback, I think the download is somehow not correct. I will give it 24hrs and try again. Have a great weekend !

  2. Well I did go there first and have now several times, when you click the download after the agreement it opens into a full page of data script and code. I suspect that the Mac versions of this update aren’t ready for prime time yet. I downloaded and installed the mac camera driver and System Software Updater pkg won’t see the camera via USB (after restart and compatibility confirmation) . The camera is trying to connect but times out.

    1. Sony have never been good with the Mac computer updates. It does normally work with a good quality cable and provided you don’t have other drivers in the OS that conflict with the Sony ones. I almost always try to use a Windows PC as it just works every time.

      For that reason I was pleased to see the SD card update option. This works absolutely fine, even via a Mac, after all all you are doing is downloading a file that you then place on an SD card. I’m not sure why you are having so many problems as the majority are not having any issues, the update package works just fine.

    2. I had the same issue. When that webpage shows up, choose to save it as a plaintext file named BODYDATA.DAT. Copy that file over to the SD card and execute the upgrade process.

      1. sorry for bothering you but mine is not able to execute (greyed out). I’ve got a tough card, formatted the card in slot B, downloaded the “BODYDATA.DAT”, put it into the xdroot folder (is it necessary to put it into a specific folder there?), put it back into slot B but the “version up” is greyed out. I tried it with the camera on and off when I put in the card, nothing works. do you have any idea what to do? thx in advance

          1. thank you so much, was confused because the description said root folder, thought the xdroot was meant by that

  3. Update : Problem solved, I was using Firefox to download the update BODYDATA.DAT , Firefox would not recognize it and would only show the raw data and then crash the tab. I switched to Safari and it worked just fine. Download and transfer to card , just drag it to the private folder (don’t open it) and put into B slot. The version up became available and the camera updated to Ver 1.01 no problem. Thank you all for your input!

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