Free Sony FX6 and FX3 Tutorial Videos

Screenshot-2021-10-15-at-17.58.11-copy-600x328 Free Sony FX6 and FX3 Tutorial Videos

Hidden away in the Sony Alpha Academy are 6 tutorial videos that I made for the the Sony Cinemaline cameras, most notably the FX6 and FX3. These videos mainly cover the FX6 but information on the FX3 (and FX9) is also included in several of the videos..

The 6 videos cover the following subjects:

FX6 – Scan Modes and Codecs (including information of recording media)
FX6/FX3 – What is S-Cinetone.
FX6 – How to use the Cine-EI mode to shoot S-Log3.
FX6/FX3 – Slow Motion and Timelapse.
FX6/FX3 – Exposure tools (covering waveform and histogram as well as Zebras)
FX6/FX3 – Post Production Stabilisation.

To watch these video you will need to setup a free account with Sony. Then go to the Alpha Academy page linked below and scroll down to the FilmMaking section and then open the My Sony Expert tab.

7 thoughts on “Free Sony FX6 and FX3 Tutorial Videos”

  1. I wonder if Sony could have possibly made it harder to find these video,s .. I feel like a hacker just to find the page .I think it would be better to organize per camera model , and then have everything under one tab..

    1. Yep. Great cameras, but crappy manuals & spotty information that we must all hunt for, sometimes not even knowing what we are looking for. Seem’s like with all the R&D, design, production, etc that manufactures go through, they surely drop the ball when it comes to transfer of knowledge and information about their products…

      1. I think its always been the weak point , plus servicing ! .. I bought a $70K betaSP 400AP back in the day, with an English manual that literally made no sense at all ,whole pages were just nonsense. At least thats got better and I guess its better the engineers are better than the management . But yeah I think they need to poach someone from Arri to do the menus and all the websites .. 🙂

  2. Any other way to find these videos, besides the Sony’s web trap?
    It’s becoming impossible to navigate through their labyrinth of sites and sub-sites…
    Thanks Alister.

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