DaVinci resolve Frame Rendering Issue and XAVC

There is a bug in some versions of DaVinci Resolve 17 that can cause frames in some XAVC files to be rendered in the wrong order. This results in renders where the resulting video appears to stutter or the motion may jump backwards for a frame or two. This has now been fixed in version 17.3.2 so all user of XAVC and DaVinci Resolve are urged to upgrade to at least version 17.3.2.


460x150_xdcam_150dpi DaVinci resolve Frame Rendering Issue and XAVC

One thought on “DaVinci resolve Frame Rendering Issue and XAVC”

  1. I tried downloading the new version on DaVinci today and I’m still getting the motion problem.

    I’ve tried moving the files to different disks, re-opening the project from scratch, exporting .drp’s and .drt’s and nothing seems to fix it.

    Running DaVinci 17.3.2 build 8 on a Macbook Pro Intel Core i7 with a Radeon Pro 560x GPU card.

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