New SxS/AXS drivers and New Raw Viewer

mac-drivers-600x450 New SxS/AXS drivers and New Raw ViewerOver the last few days Sony have been busy releasing new drivers and new software to support not just Venice 2 but also the AXS-R7 and newer AXS-R1 SxS card readers on Apples M1 macs as well as Windows 11.

There is a new and updated version of Sony’s Raw Viewer software that includes support for the 8K Venice 2 files and which runs correctly on Apples newer M1 silicon. This can be downloaded from here:

In addition Sony have released a new AXSM utility tool with new drivers for the AR1/AR3 to support the latest cards and formats as well as support for Apple M1 silicon and Windows 11. This is an essential update if you are using these new readers or Venice 2. This can be downloaded from here:

3 thoughts on “New SxS/AXS drivers and New Raw Viewer”

    1. Not needed as it is a normal USB 3 interface. I have had no issues with XQD cards on my M1 since day 1.

      1. It is true that the standard Sony XQD reader does work but the newer Thunderbolt 3 XQD card readers like Prograde or Altech will not work without new Sony drivers.

        When I upgrade my MacBook I had hoped to optimize my peripherals as well.

        thanks for you answer.

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