16 thoughts on “Use GyroFlow to stabilise Sony (and other camera) footage.”

    1. It’s mostly cameras made from mid 2020 onwards including the A7SIII, A7IV, A7RV, A1 and all of the FX Cinema Line.

  1. Sony’s Cinema Line cameras all have the ability to record metadata.
    Q: Is an FS7 considered yo be a Cinema Line camera, and thus register metadata with which the stabilization can be applied later using, for example, software from Sony.

    1. No, the FS7 is not a Cinema Line camera. The Cinema Line currently includes the FX30, FX3, FX6, FX9, FR7 and Venice.

    1. X = 10 and we are still on FCP version 10 and FCP-X remains the easiest way to make sure people are clear what version is being talked about. The plugin doesn’t work with other versions only version 10, so it works with FCP-X but not with FCP-7.

  2. Looking at native FS5 files in Mediainfo, I noticed that this camera generates significant metadata so would it generate gyro data too?

  3. Thank you Alister to talk about gyroflow, i tried it several mouths ago, it is interresting and well implemented in resolve via plugin (that could help you when stab doesn’t give us good results in premiere or resolve). Catalyst have a plugin for Adobe premiere too but it is not free (100$/year) and really slow. I don’t understand why gyro metadata are not push more by big compagny and Gpu accelerated. It looks like not to be very popular.

  4. Thanks for this info on GyroFlow. I found the stabilization in Catalyst kind of squrrilly, so it is nice to have another option.

  5. Thanks for mentioning Gyroflow. I tested it some time ago as stand alone application, now I see that is mentioned as DaVinci plugin which looks great in terms of workflow.
    Sooo…. I installed it, I see it in the plugin list in DVR and now… I’m just looking how to use it in DVR because it does not appear in the stabilization options 🙂
    Looking for a tuto.

  6. Allister,
    Can you confirm for me if Catalyst or Gyroflow can see the stabilization metadata on clips from the Venice (1)? I have never been able to get Catalyst to see the metadata on my clips. Have tried with XAVC as well as XOCN, with all thpes of glass. I see the roll/tilt readout in real time when I am shooting. Any help greatly appreciated. Being able to access this info in Resolve would be spectacular.

      1. Thank you. Do you know of any software that can currently leverage the stabilization data in venice clips? Im confused why Catalyst doesn’t.

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