Sony Burano Is Coming!

Screenshot-2023-09-07-at-09.23.36 Sony Burano Is Coming!Sony have started a teaser campaign for a new camera called Burano. – Well, actually Sony haven’t said its a camera but if you look at the pictures it is pretty obvious that is what it is and the CineAlta badge is a huge clue. And I have shot with it quite extensively on two different continents and I have to say that this is an announcement not to be missed because it is very, very nice.  

It will be launched at IBC in Amsterdam, so if you want to actually see it and get your hands on it, that will be your first opportunity. Then I will be doing a webinar about it with Visual Impact on the 20th of September (Click Here) and the following week you will have an opportunity to join me for a Burano and Cooke lens event at CVP in Brussels on the 28th of September (Click Here)

Then in October and November I will be hosting more events in the UK and as the dates for these get confirmed I’ll let you know them.

This is going to be big!

And for those that don’t know:

Burano is a lot like Venice and very close to Venice. There are some similarities but also many differences. Burano might be considered to be a smaller version of Venice as it is a small island with many canals, gondolas and boats in the same lagoon as Venice. It’s around 6Km from Venice and actually closer to Venice airport than Venice itself. To get to Burano from the airport you take a water taxi, water bus or some other boat. The buildings along the canals in Burano are all painted bright colours and the island is famous for its lace makers. Its a very pretty filming location, I shot there a few years ago, but there is very little hotel accommodation, so most that visit Burano will be day trippers from Venice. 


4 thoughts on “Sony Burano Is Coming!”

  1. The A7S-III, FX3 and FX6 sensor use a 48mp sensor binned to 12mp. Do we know if that chip in those cameras use a standard 4:1 binning?…..or…could this new camera is a dual exposure timing or dual 2:2 gain binning? I always suspected that the 48/12mp Sony was capable of higher dynamic range if done this way

    1. 2×2 dual gain readout could bring more DR, but may be subject to other manufacturers patents.

      I’m not convinced that DR is an issue any more. We can’t show the DR the current cameras can capture in a realistic way anyway.

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