The Grand Canyon, shot with an FS700.

Here’s a little clip I shot yesterday as part of my Arizona workshop. As we had some time between storms we took a little side trip to the Grand Canyon to try shooting aerials with the F3’s and FS700. This clip was shot with the FS700 using the 18-200mm stabilised kit lens. It came out really well, I’m very pleased. I did add some additional stabilisation using Premiere CS6’s warp stabiliser, but if the shot isn’t reasonably stable to start with this can add some blur. Fortunately the FS700 active steadyshot is very good so this was not a problem.


6 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon, shot with an FS700.”

  1. I believe that Alister was in a wingsuit and had the camera strapped to his chest.

    It was actually handheld in a Bell 206 helicopter.

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