Film Emulation LUT’s for S-Log3 and S-Log2.

I’ve uploaded these LUT’s before, but they are tucked away under a slightly obscure heading, so here they are again!

There are 4 different LUTs in this set. A basic 709 LUT which is really good for checking exposure etc. It won’t give the best image, but it’s really good for getting your exposure just right. Diffuse white should be 85%, middle grey 43% and skin tones 65-70%.

Then there are 3 film emulation LUT’s that mimic 3 different types of film stock form different manufacturers. These are primarily designed for post production or for use on a client monitor on set. My recommendation is to use the 709 LUT for your viewfinder and exposure and then add the film emulation LUT later in post.

As always (to date at least) I offer these as a free download available by clicking on the links below. However a lot of work goes into creating and hosting these. I feel that this LUT set is worth $25.00 and would really appreciate that being paid if you find the LUT’s useful. Try them before you decide then pay what you feel is fair. All contributions are greatly appreciated and it really does help keep this website up and running. If you can’t afford to pay, then just download the LUT’s and enjoy using them, tell your friends and send them here. If in the future you should choose to use them on a paying project, please remember where you got them and come back and make a contribution. More contributions means more LUT offerings in the future.

Click here for the Slog3_cine-film-look-luts

Click here for the S-Log2  filmic look luts – Alisters A7S Filmic LUTS set1

Download the S-Log3/SGamut3.cine to 709(800) and S709 Legal Input Range LUTS for external ProRes recorders.

Please feel free to share a link to this page if you wish to share these LUT’s with anyone else or anywhere else.

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pixel Film Emulation LUT's for S-Log3 and S-Log2.

300x250_xdcam_150dpi Film Emulation LUT's for S-Log3 and S-Log2.

5 thoughts on “Film Emulation LUT’s for S-Log3 and S-Log2.”

  1. Hi Alister.

    Many thanks for all your helpful tips & techniques.

    Just trying to get my head around the above info. If using the 709 LUT for exposure and the Film Emulation Luts In post, how do the white, grey & skin tones map from one to the other. Would you not have to expose for whites as the post LUT will see it

    1. Every different LUT will have different skin tone and white levels. But the log is exposed exactly the same in each case. So if the 709 LUT is exposed correctly then the log is exposed correctly and then when you apply whatever LUT it is you want to use in post this will also be correct.

      The vital bit is not having a LUT at the right brightness in the camera. The vital bit is that the log is exposed correctly. So unless you are absolutely confident that you know the correct levels for the LUT you are using there is a risk that the log will end up incorrectly exposed. So use a LUT where you know what the exposure should be. 709(800) uses normal 709 levels, most “creative” luts need other levels.

  2. Hey Alister,

    I’m looking for the Film Emulation Luts but the link in this article links to the Atmos Recorder luts, is this a mistake or am I missing something?


    1. Not sure what happened to the links but I have reinstated them in the post. Thanks for raising the issue.

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