Catalyst BRowse and catalyst Prepare Updated.

Timed to coincide with the release of the ILME-FX6 camcorder Sony have updated both Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare. These new  and long awaited versions add support for the FX6’s rotation metadata and clip flag metadata as well as numerous bug fixes. It should be noted that for the correct operation that a GPU that supports OpenGL is required. Also while the new versions support MacOS Catalina there is no official support for Big Sur. Catalyst Browse is free while Catalyst Prepare is not free. Prepare can perform more complex batch processing of files, checksum and file verification, per-clip adjustments as well as other additional features.

For more information go to the Sony Creative Software website.

5 thoughts on “Catalyst BRowse and catalyst Prepare Updated.”

  1. Hi Alister,

    I’ve noticed that Catalyst Browse cannot stabilise S&Q clips. Is that correct or do I miss smthg?
    I was shooting at 23.98fps and have the Gyrodata for all normal speed clips, but not for the S&Q ones, shot at 60fps.

    Thanks in advance for one advice, I really can’t find much online. Nothing actually!

    Best regards,


  2. My preview window plays clips back from my FX6 in black and white. The right side of the split-screen is also b&w. Any ideas> I’m using the xavci codec.

    1. Have you made sure that no corrections are being made in the color settings. This sounds like the saturation control has been set to 0.

  3. Hi, do you have advice on how to handle relay recordings, in order to see them as one continuous clip? (Specifically in Resolve.)
    We’re having conform problems because the proxy runs the full duration of the recording while the OCN’s are split, so the TC’s do not much.
    I even tried the Catalyst Browse official “Combine relay clips” function, and it refuses to combine them, insisting they use different media formats or non-sequential TC… except that the TC is sequential and the format is idential.

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