Sony FX6 Intermittent Audio – Is Your Handle Secure?

DSC_0477-600x450 Sony FX6 Intermittent Audio - Is Your Handle Secure?There have been a few people popping up on various user groups and forums complaining of a sudden loss of audio or intermittent audio on their Sony FX6 cameras. A common cause of the loss of audio on the FX6 is a slightly loose top handle. The XLR inputs, MI Shoe and the cameras built in microphones are all part of the top handle, so if the handle is a little loose and the connection between the camera and handle isn’t perfect you can suddenly lose all your audio inputs.

As the connection between the handle and camera is a digital one you often won’t get any warning and if you are not wearing headphones you might not notice that you no longer have audio. Hint – wear headphones and monitor your audio when doing anything where the audio is even the slightest bit important 😉

So it is advisable to regularly check that the thumb screws that secure the handle are tight as if done up finger tight they do have a tendency to work lose over time. The thumbscrews have sockets for an allen key and I strongly suggest you use an allen key to tighten them up, done up this way they rarely come loose.

7 thoughts on “Sony FX6 Intermittent Audio – Is Your Handle Secure?”

  1. Do you think this issue happens more often for those who frequently remove the handle for gimbal work? I don’t have a gimbal so my handle has been on since I purchased it and I used the a hex wrench to tighten a bit more as I have a Zacuto finder system attached.

    1. I suspect that what might be happening is that if the handle is a bit loose the constant flexing and moving may cause the connection to degrade a bit, making it more prone to issues than a tight handle. I don’t think removing/replacing to go to/from a gimbal etc should cause problems, but constant wobbling might.

  2. Hint – hire a sound recordist when doing anything where the audio is even the slightest bit important ?

    1. Absolutely agree – but unfortunately persuading clients to pay for sound recordists or other assistants can often be an uphill battle.

      1. I know. Thats why I changed business after being a sound recordist for the last 22 years.

        Love your content. Keep on rocking Alister.

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