Virtual Production With Venice 2. Dubai Workshop

V-OPT2-OMAR-600x333 Virtual Production With Venice 2.  Dubai WorkshopI have a crazy few weeks coming up. This week I will be filming at the Glastonbury festival, then next week I will be in Dubai for a workshop on virtual production with Sony’s Venice 2 camera. This will be a great opportunity for those that have never been to a virtual studio to have a look at how it all works and what’s involved – nad to see how Venice 2 is an excellent camera for VR thanks to it’s very fast sensor readout speed, frame size flexibility and wide range of frame rates. To join one of the sessions please RSVP to 

4 thoughts on “Virtual Production With Venice 2. Dubai Workshop”

      1. Too bad! I bet it was really interesting.
        I would love to have come across your website earlier. Just spotted it and it’s a trove of wonderful information. Thank you for taking the time to share the all this wisdom! Really!

  1. I did Virtual Production in hybrid studios with UE Vanilla and Zero Density, using various cameras up to ARRI Alexa LFs, but never got to see the Venice up close in a VP environment. I bet it’s brilliant.

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