Cameras & Camera Setup

On this page you will find a generic list of some of the information I have prepared for various cameras.

For more specific information on the PXW-FS7, PXW-FS5, PMW-F5, PMW-F55, Alpha or other PXW family of cameras, please use the drop down choices under the Cameras & Setup heading on the menu bar.

PMW 350 Aperture Correction

Gamma and Knee.


Black Gamma.

PMW-350 Scene Files (also applies to other cameras)

Gamma and Knee

PMW-350 Scene Files

XDCAM EX cinegammas


300x250_xdcam_150dpi Cameras & Camera Setup


Log Style Picture Profiles for PMW-F3 and EX1R

PMW-EX1, EX1R and EX3 picture profiles

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14 thoughts on “Cameras & Camera Setup”

  1. I was wondering if you had an electronic copy of the F800 Menus
    I have made some significant changes to the menubut need to print the menus so I can keep a written copy with the camera…for refrence…

  2. I work multi camera productions and see camera control through the sony remote panels like the rcp-920. With the rcp-920 I have access to gamma r, master, b adjustments, not hyper gamma presets. Any idea how these adjustments relate to the standard and hyper gamma selections written about in the article?

    All the information I can find so far talks as gamma with one curve with standard or hyper gamma presets, so I am confused with gamma r, master, b adjustments which suggests three curves.

    1. Think of Master gamma as the overall camera gamma. The RCP allows you to alter the gain of this master gamma curve, it is a standard gamma curve. The R and B curves are a subset of the Master gamma. Adjusting Master Gamma adjusts the R, G and B curves together. Then you can adjust the separate R and B curves in case you need to have a colour or hue offset to your gamma. There is no G curve adjustment as this remains fixed by the Master gamma setting.

  3. I shoot a lot on snow (skiing, ect.) Do you have a Picture Profile set up that you would recommend to work best in those conditions?

    1. A lot will depend on whether you grade or not. I’d probably use Cinegamma 3 to avoid any nasty clipping issues and then add a bit of negative black gamma, maybe around -20 to put some contrast into the scene.

  4. grabo en standar con esta camara y las imagenes en la pantalla se ven bien, pero al subirlas al avid se ven quemadas la iamgenes. que hago?

  5. focus issue with pxw200
    some time the focus locked so i switch off the camera for 20 min than it will back normal any solution for this

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